Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Grown Up New Year Lists

7 days to end this year, my dear! How are you doing? I know you gonna stay with me till I stop writing to you… So, year end is talking about the reviews and resolutions. Let’s have the checklists then :

The Reviews

My Job! Okay, I got it now I’m a permanent employee in that company. Congrats me dear :)

Our relationship! Hmm.. I’m not lucky in this item, maybe next year, try again hahaha.. Let’s move away, turn the new page, give new person the chance, and as always say cheers :)

Slim body! This is hardly to do… But I think a little bit slim :p

My brother’s graduation! I did it, my family trip after 15 years :)

Saving! Okay, it’s quite working, at least, I can handle my expenses and start future planning.

Traveling! Yeahhhh this is the most excited one, I did it, Rock down Wakatobi by myself.

Ice cream cake for my birthday! This year I got sushi cake for my birthday… haha.. not so sad.. :)

Dream wishes! Keep dreaming this one LoL

I think this year I have done a lot of traveling trips and my flight schedules due to the trips or tasks were too much tired, but still enjoyed those busy times. Let’s start with January, this month was still calm down the holiday season. Ms. February with Chinese New Year celebration with far family and spent my weekend at Bandung. Went back to hometown in March, then weekend getaway to Singapore in April, continued Vesak festival at Jogja in May, ended half year with my bro’s graduation and family trip in June. Had an amazing experience during my winter holiday in August with my beloved mom. Three hectic months with the tasks paid myself to Wakatobi in November, then I thought that would be last trip for this year, but I was wrong, I gonna have another two trips, back to my hometown in December and new year eve beach party in an island with my mom.

So, what’s the plan for next year? Not so much traveling plan since my dream destination left for two, Japan and Europe. Maybe Europe for honeymoon :p *crazy dream*

1.       My Job

Improving my competence and performance in the upcoming year.

2.       My Business

Gonna have a business plan and hope it works well next year. Time to have my own business, dear:)

3.       My love life

Aha! This one I’m not brave enough to dream high, like my last year resolution, wish that I found the right man, in the right time, at the right place, that factor x, me and him make it all works. Someone who supports me, never let me walk alone, trust, love, commit, walk along through good or bad.

4.       Traveling

You must pay off your hard work by enjoying this beautiful world. If everything goes well, I gonna visit Japan for Cherry Blossom, Sakuraaaa I’m comingggg.. Excited to the max, dear. This was my dream destinations. J  This year, I gonna celebrate Vesak Festival in Bangkok with my colleague, not part of my plan actually but since they ask me, let’s have some fun with budget trip.

5.       24th

One wish that I didn’t really concern since the years passed. But this year, I think I gonna pray hard for that one wish. What type of cake I want for this year? Nothing. May I wish of some little sincere surprise.

6.       Friendship

This new item become one of my new year lists. Thank you for the ones who stay with me through my good and bad. I know I’m hard to be handled, but I’ll try my best if you promise to stay.

7.       Giving

We are not blessed because of we’re having, we’re blessed because of we’re giving. Last item for the lists, the lucky 7.

Then, for those who celebrate Christmas, I wanna say “Merry Christmas to you! Wish the joy of Christmas cheer you up and spread the love around you.”

Let’s counting down together for 2014! :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Love Never Dies

So unbelievable I gonna write this to you. This is not really me, but it's real, now i'm writing to you about that crazy little thing called 'first love'. And to make this the real me i gonna use bahasa...

Klise memang, yang namanya cinta pertama akan selalu diingat, bukan berarti kita masih mencintai orang itu, melainkan kenangan bersama dengan orang itu yang akan kita ingat selamanya dalam hidup kita. Pria maupun wanita, semuanya akan merasakan yang namanya cinta pertama. Rasanya berbeda- beda bagi tiap orang, ada yang merasa efek geli berpuluh kupu-kupu di perutnya saat bertemu, terasa sengatan listrik saat bersentuhan dengannya, selalu memikirkannya sebelum tidur dan berharap bisa membawa dirinya dalam mimpi, tidak sabar bangun pagi untuk menerima ucapan selamat pagi darinya, semangat memulai hari karena kamu akan melihat dirinya, begitu banyak rasa yang akan dialami sehingga tidak salah kata orang bahwa jatuh cinta itu berjuta rasanya apalagi yang namanya cinta pertama. Beruntunglah mereka yang merasakan cinta pertama dan terakhir pada orang yang sama, karena dia tidak perlu mengalami yang namanya sakit, patah hati,dan membuka lembaran baru. Bersyukurlah orang yang menemukannya pada orang yang berbeda, menambah pengalaman hidup bukan? 

Bagi wanita, cinta pertama teramat sulit untuk dilupakan, mungkin karena kaum hawa lebih melibatkan perasaan sehingga mendalam. Kenangan cinta pertamanya tetap akan menjadi luka yang membekas meski sudah ada cinta baru yang menggantikannya. Bukan karena dia masih mencintai orang itu, hanyalah kenangan bersama dengan sang cinta pertama, saat pertama dia merasakan sensasi jatuh cinta pada kaum adam bukan sesuatu yang sangat mudah untuk dihapuskan dari ingatan. Sepersekian sisi hatinya akan selalu tersisa buat sang cinta pertama.  Untuk membuka lembaran baru juga luar biasa sulit terlebih untuk wanita yang melibatkan perasaan jauh lebih besar daripada logika. Sebagian bahkan takut untuk memulai lagi. Takut untuk jatuh cinta lagi, karena setiap jatuh itu sakit.

Ada pepatah yang mengatakan, "pilihlah orang yang pernah sakit hati, karena dia tidak akan menyakitimu, sebab dia tahu bagaimana rasanya disakiti." Untuk para wanita yang tidak beruntung melanjutkan cinta pertama, di luar sana masih ada cinta baru yang akan menggantikannya. Beribu pria di luar sana yang akan menggantikannnya, hanya perlu mencari yang sesuai. Tidak perlu membandingkannya dengan cinta pertamamu, karena jauh di lubuk paling dalam, hampir semua wanita akan membandingkannya dengan yang pertama dan tidak jarang tetap menganggap yang pertama itu yang terbaik. Itu menjadi sulit membuka lembaran baru. Cinta pertama itu masa lalu, jika dia memang untukmu, dia akan mempertahankanmu sejak awal. Masih banyak pria di luar sana yang pantas mendapatkan cintamu, yang akan menghargaimu dan menyayangimu dengan tulus. Kamu hanya belum menemukannya. Ingatlah selalu ada faktor x saat tidak ada faktor x itu menjadi penentu. Senyaman apapun, sesuka apapun, tidak akan berjalan lancar tanpa faktor x. Bahkan yang tidak sukapun, karena fakto x bisa berjalan lancar. Faktor x itu misterius, sesuatu yang tidak bisa didefinisikan dengan kata-kata, maupun logika.

Untuk semua wanita yang masih terpuruk pada cinta pertama, sadarilah itu sebagai masa lalu, dan saatnya bangkit, yakin bahwa kamu pantas mendapatkan yang lebih baik. Cheers to new love!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mom's little princess

I guess woman will always be her mom's little princess, no matter she's already be a wife or even mom for her children. There's a point that mom always treats you like her little princess all the time. 

I could say how lucky I am, I have a mom who's more than a mom. For me, she is also my sister, my bestfriend, my traveling partner, my shopping partner, my psychologist,  my consultant,  and my role model. See, i found them all in one person, super woman in my life called mom. She is my everything since the second i'm writing this. I couldn't imagine how i live without her, how i can be as tough as today I am without her support.

Now, I'm 23 years 5 months old, and till this second she still treats me as I am her little princess. She's always be the last one stand when others move back. She's always be the one who listen to my stories that told in hours. She's the only person who knows me very well and what I feel. She's so perfect for me.

These recent days, I know she's so much worry about me. She's worry I'm hurt, sad, and desperate. I admit it, I felt before but it's just for a while, now I'm tough as her. Move on and smile to the world as there's nothing happen. And I trully know when I said that to her, she was happy for me. 

Then, she told me, "You should stop worried what others' thinking. Others' comments are important but it doesn't determine. It's your life, not them, you're the one who walks through it. Whatever you choose, mom'll always supports you. There's only one thing mom asks you to do, think seriously. Is this all you want more than other things, more than others?"

I realize how much she's worry about me, the more hurting again, so she told me that. Think seriously before I decide. Because when I'm hurt, she's the one feels that together with me. From now on, there's no hurry decision, step by step, listen to my heart but take my mind with me. I know every advice of yours is useful and sometimes like magic happens in my life. It's right, true, and real. Thank you mom for always treats me like your little princess.

Friday, December 6, 2013

5th month in 23rd

So, this month a lil bite earlier writing to you... haha.. today is Saturday, it's weekend and i'm spending my lazy weekend at my lovely room writing this to you.. oh how much i miss this kind of moment... long time no quality time with you just both of us, in this room...

Hmm... so this month after my last trip, i thought i gonna end my traveling trip for 2013, but i was wrong, i gonna have another trip to end this year, with whom? Calm down, i'm not that desperate traveling at the year end alone. I gonna have this trip with my beloved mom... she really wanna go this place and keep discussing this island since several months ago. Haha you got the clue right? Yeah, it's island, another clue, it's in indonesia, i think wakatobi much better than this island but sometimes you do traveling not only about the destination, but it's about whom you travel with. I guess we gonna have a great and fun time joining new year eve beach party and this time i may not forget to bring my baby slr. :)

About my working, i didn't get any out town task since it's last month of the year... so, i'm doing audit task in office.
The first two weeks of my 5th month there's little surprise... dunno it's sign or whatever.  My mom's saying happened. Got several new friends...

Christmas is coming to town, christmas is the most joyful season in whole year, so i wanna spending this season with happiness. Forget things and people who hurt me through this year. For all those things and people, i just can say thank you for the lesson so it can make me a better one. For the new comers and people who always stay by my side through the years, thank you for staying and not making me disappointed. I'm glad to have you all ending another year in my life.

So, what's the preparation for year end.. hmm. I gonna visit my hometown for  about 11 days and this time i prepare my schedule to meet some of my friends. Long time no see them... let's have some gatherings. Of course, i'm excited to meet my beloved ones, dad, mom, and my beib... hahaha.. family dinner.. sleep in my room... i miss hometown suddenly.. celebrating new year with my mom.. flash back several years ago, we'd ever celebrated new year buffet dinner together. My mom, she is more than a mom for me. She is my sister, bestfriend, traveling partner, shopping partner, psychologist, consultant, and she is my everything. And the third person i miss is that miss Syd. We gonna have chit chat soon, no more line chat haha. My bro wont't be back this year..

I gonna start making wishes for another year ahead. Those will become my christmas or maybe new year list. Let me think think and also review this year's list.. the achievements, the postpone oones, or the failed ones. Haha...

Counting down christmas and new year.. wake me up when it's christmas. So, see you around dear :)