Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What kind of relationship I choose?

The title of my writing sometimes make me lil bit confuse since I never have a real define of relationship. For me, a relationship means a relation between people, so it can be just friends, family, partner, or spouse. Now, we focus the relationship based on love.

Yeah, this 'love' thing drawing my heart recently and I'm just like bloomy flower. :p 
Being with you is one of the best moments in my life. Having a long distance relationship and have chance for only several days spending together make me realize my happiness being around you. It's not I'm not happy with my friends without you, but your attendance complete my happiness. And I'm sure to be with you, changing my memories here with my future memories with you there. Because I'm sure enough you gonna try your best to make me happy and it's the quite brave commitment deserve me to walk the future path with you. Thank you for the care, love, compassion. Stay with me and never let me go.
 I know what I want for my relationship. Everyone has their own style of relationship, so do mine. Some of them like to post things with their beloved one telling the world how proud they are. Of course I'm not part of them. It's good and nothing wrong about that, but I have my own style. I don't think I ought to tell everybody if I'm in relationship with someone since I'm not a public figure. It's not my relationship is secret but I'm just too lazy to answer those questions which sometimes annoying or even bullshit from the people who 'just want to know'. I'd better keep mine only for people who have sincere heart to pray for mine. There's a friend ever told me, "Nowadays social media tells everything, I just know she's be with whom but you, you're just so mysterious about yours, but that's you. That's the uniqueness of you. Let the time tells everything."

Yeah I agree with her 'let the time tells everything'. I always hand everything to Mr. Time,every part of my life, sadness or happiness, success or failure, bloomy or broken heart. Mr. Time will heal everything and will let bad things go till I can rise and shine again.

Having him is one of the many grateful things in my life. Through the deep broken heart, wrong men come and go, finally he's just found me as I believe when he's your mate, you just don't need to force things to be together, things will fall perfectly and to make both of you be together, despite of the distance, olds, and other things. 

The unpredictable meeting with him and I didn't even have any imagination he is going to be one of the special person in my life. Things moves so fast like you suddenly have an idea how to make that puzzles match each other. I do have lots of weakness and so does he. But, when both of us have a commitment we gonna take this relationship and try our best, then go on. Nobody can match perfectly, you have to try to make it going well. 

For single women out there, I just wanna share with you, open your heart, give chances to everybody but still know what's the best for you, don't you ever afraid to fall and break your heart, make friendships with lots of people, friends from your friends, just enjoy and keep adding qualities in your life, and don't you ever stuck in your single life thinking that no man wants to be with you, because someone's out there still looking for you as you waiting for him. And, when he finds you, he will love you with all his best because he finally finds the best girl he's looking for. Never miss any chance knowing someone new to your life because you never know he's the one who can match you.

Maybe some of you think it's so ridiculous but it's all I walked through. How I ever found someone in something called fate among thousand people and how things felt perfectly to both of us, but still it doesn't enough to keep it well, both of us should try and commit, things can't perfectly well when you just hand it to the fate. At the point, both of us can't try our best and can't maintain the relationship anymore, it's time to say goodbye, we just don't match each other. 

For relationship, it takes two, both, trying together, making our partner happy, it's all I learn from my last man standing hopefully. He always tell me, " To love is to make your partner happy." It's not love if you can't make her happy. I definitely agree with his statement, it's just a coward statement hearing someone said, "I love to see her happy even without me." It means you aren't brave enough to prove that she can be happy with you so you hand her to somebody else, you even believe other man than yourself. So, for all men out there, if you really loves her, trying your best prove to her that you're the best but give yourself the dateline, when she still can't accept you, maybe she's just not the one. When she's the one, she will try to accept you completely.

So, this is my relationship sharing with you that I'm telling you I'm really happy to have him in my life and I'm writing to you on this Saturday night in a coffee shop because my man is busy thousand miles away preparing his new project and deeply in my heart I'm sending my support and spirit for his good luck. :) Gonna write to you next month and can't wait to meet him next Saturday. Long distance relationship is all about counting downs, flight tickets, quality times, and missing.

So, see you around pals, am sorry from now I am going to call you pals because dear is my calling for him. Don't be sad, you're still one of my best partner. :)

4 Hours Culinary Trip at Magelang

Aku berkunjung ke kota kecil ini untuk kedua kalinya. Tahun lalu tujuan kunjunganku adalah Waisak begitu juga dengan tahun ini. Namun, kali ini aku menghabiskan 2 malam dikarenakan upacara Waisak baru selesai subuih. Setelah memulihkan badan hingga siang. Sore sekitar jam 3 lebih kami memutuskan untuk memulai wisata kuliner di kota Magelang. Aku menginap di Roemah Boedi Private Residence, hotel yang berada di sebuah desa sehingga untuk keluar kami naik bentor alias becak motor. 

Tempat pertama pak bentor mengantar kami mencoba .Sate Kambing Mbak Ning, sate yg tidak ada tusuk satenya hehe, rasanya enak krn dibakar kering menggunakan kecap manis sampe wrnanya hitam banget namun dagingnya tetap empuk. Nasi Goreng Kambing Mbak Ning, lebih tepatnya disebut kambing goreng nasi karena porsi kambing lebih banyak drpd nasi dan digoreng bersamaan dgn sayur, rasanya enak krn dimasak dgn arang. Hitungannya sepaket, 1 makanan dan es jeruk idr 25.000. 

Setelah itu kami mengunjungi Borobudur lagi untuk menikmati sunset sambil berfoto ria sebelum mengisi perut lagi dengan tonseng Jamur Pondok Selera (idr 15.000) yang sudah pernah dikunjungi Om Bondan, jamur dimasak dgn sayuran dan ayam suir, rasanya benar maknyus, buka sore hingga malam. Setelah dari tongseng kami makan malam di warung bebek goreng seberang candi Borobudur, kami memesan menu bebek goreng dan pecel lele. Rasanya tradisional dan cukup mengenyangkan di malam yang sejuk.

Sate Kambing Mba Ning
Nasi Goreng Kambing Mba Ning

Tempat masak Mba Ning

Tongseng Jamur Maknyusss

Tempat masak Tongseng Jamur

Happy 24th Birthday For Me!

First of all, sorry for the very late writing to you. 
So, let’s greet me a Happy 24th Birthday!
Another year added in my life, another new page to go, another wish I pray, and another moment I spend.

How was my feeling? I just could call this birthday “perfect”. The second best birthday in my life. The first one was my sweet 17th which my parents gave me a celebration party and this year was the second which I spent with my beloved one, hopefully my future partner.

Birthday for me these recent years came as more special thing than my past years when I was in school because there’s always school holidays on my birthdays. So, for me, birthdays was just holidays. When I went to college, I got those simple celebrations from my friends and I just felt those things were enough. Then, came to this working life, the three birthdays in my working life, I got simple celebrations from my colleagues then some of bestfriends, I thought, these were more than enough.

How could be more perfect that I could celebrate this 24th birthday with my partner, the only birthday I ever spent with someone special, important, loves me and not my part of family. I was just so speechless. The things just felt perfectly for the whole day as it’s was just my day, the only day in a whole year that I received lots of messages, greetings, prayers, wishes, cares, and loves from the people and him beside me. So, I think you know how much he means for me now.

Actually for a long distance relationship, I don’t hope for any romantic birthday celebration with him because I know how busy he is and we just met two weeks ago and gonna meet again the next month after that, so I never think he gonna make it on my day. Beyond my thinking, he came to celebrate together, he came two nights on his busy schedule just for my birthday.

Don’t you think how sweet he was ops he is. :p Maybe other men are going to do the same thing and thats maybe ordinary things that a man will do for his girl. Why is it so special for me? It’s because he did something beyond my expectation. That’s the most important thing for me when a man can do something you daren’t expect because you’re afraid it gonna hurt you. It likes you just expect good but he gives you better even the best he can do for you without you even asking. That means you deserve the best of him, how much you mean to him, and how much he loves you.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cant get more time. Time is free, but its priceless.

Two weeks before my birthday was his birthday, so were not on the same zodiac :p I went to his place and celebrated the special day with him and gave him 3 round surprises ;) It’s not I’m romantic girl but it’s just kind of my expression. Haha... But, he surprised me more, the speechless thing beyond my imagination that night. What is that thing? Ssttt.. I gonna keep it secret until the time comes. :p so be patient.
This year’s birthday started with a random number I got in a deposit counter, its 97 for 9th July :D Then, he came with icecream birthday cake, my bestie asked him to buy it for me, oohh how sweet she was, it was my last year’s wish. Thank you imut, you know who you are. My cutie pie niece to be also gave me some birthday gifs, a pair of hello kitty home sandals, cute kitty clock, and how surprise when I got the mickey frame, that frame I ever wanted but didn’t buy. We had lunch at Din Tai Fung for prawn dumplings spinach noodle, my favorite xia long bao, shrimp dumplings, and tofu mushroom. He treated me like child by asking me to order all the food I want for lunch.

For birthday dinner, we went to Enmaru The Altitude where located on 46th The Plaza Building. Dresscode for my birthday night was lady in black :p I loved my face at that night, rise and shine. I told him I had one wish for my birthday gift this year. He asked me what it was. I answered him, “My wish is so simple. No handphone for dinner. Just the two of us talking, you and me, and we enjoy the beautiful view from sunset to the dark night.”
For the long distance relationship, as my experience, talking face to face is the very most important thing to do. The feeling will be so different when we’re texting, calling, even videocalling. So, for my birthday gift I just want 2,5 hours from him to place me in his whole mind, no other thing beside me.
The Japanese cuisine at Enmaru was worth the price accompanied with wonderful ambience and we sure gonna be back. The last surprise from him was my dessert, I got matcha chocolate lava cake on a “Happy Birthday My Dear Chaipao” wording on the plate. Though his request, the kind chef gave the dessert free for my birthday. Arigatou, Enmaru Chef.

So, my birthday was just so perfect, too sweet, and precious moments to be remembered.

Thank you to the people who send messages, greetings, wishes, prayers, cares and loves.

Thank you for the gifts and celebrations.

Last but not least, thank you for your attendance dear and thank you for making it perfect, it means priceless for me. 

I got myself this unique ring, summer in paris with my name inside,.

Ir's a wrap of my 24th Birthday

Lady in black

Simple birthday celebration from my colleagues