Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2nd Month in 24th

Hoola My 2nd month in 24th... Full hectic week made me sick...

First week back to work, felt like my body and soul still left at his hometown... #damnLDR I thought it because we spent time the longest ever so both of us still hoped that would last longer but hey, should be back to reality, the distance. One day, we would make it last longer :)

Dunno because I was tired or just some "miss" disease, my body was not delicious. But then, I've already had a meet up schedule with my high school friends, so I made it. A small reunion, the members was the same from time to time, others still didn't come up, yeah, that's the truth about the friendship. Time changed everything. Gathered together and had lil sharing was quite a good weekend. 

The first Sunday, I really got sick after yesterday meet up so stayed peacefully on my bed. Then, Monday and Tuesday after office hour, I went back directly to my room charging my body. On Wednesday, I was on my duty again, took very morning flight, hours of riding, back to the site. On the second day, I felt so sick that my team mate helped me to cure it. Thank you to her.

The second weekend, after several days of tired working, I was back to the city till Friday and went back to Jakarta through the late flight, how I missed the hectic city.

On third weekend, my bestie and me had a dinner buffet at Satoo, Shangrila Hotel. Lots of delicious food and desserts pampered me because of the ten days working. We had a fun night. On Sunday, I charge my body full for the next new week.

My last working week in the 2nd month of 24th filled by reporting and the last weekend I spent on my lovely bed, it felt so good to have a long sleep on weekend. And, today is Sunday, lots of timelines on my Path sharing the wedding moment, seems that today is a good day for getting marriage. Congratz for the couples :) 

I'm planning something to do about my hobby and how I wish it can work, so see you around pals :)