Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friendship is sometimes sucks here.

Called me frustrated. I think I'm so.

Friendship is sometimes sucks here. No win win solution, it's all about their benefits and I just donate my time and kindness doing their things. What kind of friendship is? It's really make me damn tired facing them. I'm new here but I trust win win solution in friendship. Why they don't think so? Making friendship in smaller city is very hard to do. How I miss you my ladies in Jakarta and Medan who know me so well. Here, you must put your mask pretty well if you want others like you and you should do the things according to their thinking and of course about their benefits or otherwise you'll get no friends as new comer. I'm sick of these friendship things you know pals. I'm really sick. I've ever got friends and besties and lost them, made new friendship again, learned new friends again. I'm so much tired handling these kinds of feelings. I've done my best to make friends with whom ever wanna make friends with me but seems that everything is all about their things. My ladies are still the best in my heart. Then now I think I've got friendsick syndrome hahaha.

The perfect thing to do in this stressed weekend : tune on mellow songs, start clicking on website online store and above all writing to you is the best cure pals.The one who support me in silence and keep telling me that everything gonna be okay. I'm not alone here, I'm going to get used to all things here, and I gonna be a better person here.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

1st month in 25th

Several days late writing to you.... So, let's called this month spending month haha.. for the orphans and for myself. Yihaa.. 

First week of another new age spent by preparing my birthday celebration at orphanage. Well, the event went pretty well. All my family and friends came for the invitation. But that's a lil bit chaos because of neighborhood. They also took the snacks, food and drinks that I gave to orphanage. Huh, that's bad, but the orphans were happy with the games that my friends made and they were thankful for the snack, food, and drinks.

Second week was holiday week yey! Spent a lazy day at home watching film. Another day spent by swimming at the most beautiful pool in town, had dinner at the skylounge seeing the city view and spent one night at the Karebosi Condotel which looked alike Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Another day hanged out with hubby's high school friends, had a fun lunch out town. Another day got friends coming and I made my sushi bread rolls for them ended with movie dates together. Another day celebrated dad in law's birthday with family had lunch at Sunachi Suki Restaurant. Then, holiday ended hahaha but they all quite good became mood booster.

Third week was nothing special just meet up with several friends and duty calling. Last week, did several duty calling and my maid went home, so I was lil bit busy cleaning my home. And this month and the on going month I did a lil much shopping, bagcharms, blouses, skirts, dresses, some cute things, oh no I think I need to stop and start saving for my holiday hihihi. So, see you next month pals )