Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Monday, November 18, 2013

4th month in 23rd

Holla dear!

A lil bit late writing this to you...  so, what's in this 4th month... hmmm... let's say "work hard, play hard". I spent my first week doing my task, hectic and busy. Then back for the second week.. took a rest for two weekends at Jakarta and got a new task again... this time i went to sulawesi island for first time.. quite excited and extremely happy becauase i could organized my another long weekend trip... wakayobi. After my task was done well, i made an extend going to that one of beautiful islands in indonesia which became my first solo trip. I made it dear, for the details i think i've told you how much i was happy... a trip planned in days... what a surprise... so, let's see next month.. who knows there will be another suprise.. see you soon :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

WaKaToBi for My First Solo Trip :)

WAKATOBI! I'm comingggg
So, here’s one of my traveling list came true. WAKATOBI! Finally I visited through my first solo trip ever! So much happy, dear, finally I did it myself! Can you imagine how cool it is... 4 days and 3 nights extra backpacking package... Let me introduce to you the itinerary of my trip...

Saturday, 2 November 2013
Took fight (IDR 1.100.000 it’s quite expensive because I made booking a day before, so I suggest you book flight far from your visit day) from Makassar to Wakatobi via Kendari by Wings Air 10.00 am.
Landed (12.20 pm) at Wangi Wangi Island, the first island of Wakatobi, welcomed by extremely hot air and met my tour guide for 4 days ahead, a black little fat guy called Manuki. :D He picked me up by motorcycle. We went to harbour heading to Kaledupa island, second island of Wakatobi, the place where I was going to stay few days ahead. Unfortunately, we were late for 1.00 pm local boat, so we waited 4.30 pm public express boat Cantika (IDR 105.000). So, we visited Bajo Village at Wangi Wangi island to kill the time. 
Bajo Village at Wangi Wangi island
It took about an hour more to reach Kaledupa island. Fyi, Cantika Express port from Bau Bau to Wangi Wangi and ended at Kaledupa. A warm family welcomed me well at Kaledupa Island, my new family J My first night dinner was seafood for sure, and I met my neighbor, a cute sista named Etha, she was in senior high school. I was happy because they were also happy to see me...

Sunday, 3 November 2013
Lamanggau Village

Today, Manuki and I went to Tomia island, the third island of Wakatobi, we waited public speed boat (IDR 40.000) for almost 2 hours due to lower water. It took about 2 hours from Kaledupa to Tomia. The harbour for small boat’s around half an hour reached by motorcycle from the official harbour. Arrived at Tomia Island, i had lunch and the menu was seafood of course, then had snorkeling time. I just got two snorkeling spots because it’s quite wavy, so we decided to visit Lamanggau Bajo Village, the children were so happy seeing me and they greet me, “Anyeong, Miss!”. They thought i’m Korean hahaha :)
Sunset at Top Tomia

The underwater view was beautiful but due to I didn’t have any underwater camera, i couldn’t capture them for you. And I also forgot to bring my baby slr, they lent me one, the same type like mine, dunno it’s by accident or destiny, so grateful. Hunting sunset at the top hill of Tomia. Great sunset and had view for whole city.

Monday, 4 November 2013
Went back to Kaledupa Island today, using public speed boat again, due to lower water, we dropped in the middle of the sea and be picked up by local private boat. It’s so adventourous. After lunch, I visited Bajo Village (30 minutes more by motorcycle from my homestay, my homestay near official harbour), their living above the ocean, great tradition.
Bajo Village at Kaledupa
Prove me wrong, Indonesia has great combination of awesome view and unique culture. The bridge was broken L so we took cano for crossing to the villahge. Then went to Sama Bahari (15 minutes), the other Bajo Village where Mirror Never Lies film took for shooting. I had short conversation with the leader of race and he thought I wanna plan another film’s shoot. J Then, we visited Sembano Village (40 minutes), went to Sembano Lake which has red prawn. The prawn’s really red in the lake, not like usual, I just saw red prawn in my plate hahaha... :p Then, we waited for sunset at Sembano beach, beautiful sunset. It took about an hour getting back to my homestay.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013
Heading to Hoga island
This morning, I went to Benteng Paleo seeing Kaledupa view from the top of hill J I always love seeing view from the top. Then, we visited Peropa beach, not quite beautiful view because once again lower water. Not a good view when Wakatobi in a lower water, but when it’s not, the view’s amazing. :) After I had lunch, I went snorkeling by private boat of my new family to Hoga Island (25 minutes). The water’s so blue there, and I did snorkeling 2 spots, the underwater was amazing and colorful. Hoga island has beautiful white sands and some homestays there, it’s interesting. We had sunset view from our boat.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013
Today I got back to Wangi Wangi island L so sad leaving memories... We got local private boat (IDR 50.000) took 2 hours and once again we’re dropped in the middle because of lower water so we used another small boat (IDR 10.000) to reach the harbour. Then, I was dropped at the airport for flight back to Makassar (IDR 900.000).
Overall, it was an amazing trip, and till today, it still like a dream I made my first solo trip and unfortunately without my dear Jewel and baby slr. No matter what, I still enjoyed each moments be with my new family. Why I called family, because they all were warm and friendly. They’re so kind and treated me like their daughter, preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and reserving me the best they can. It’s really touchable. :)  so grateful

Bula fish means the first fish. and lapa" as substitute rice, it contains red bean

Colo colo made from tomato and onion, always served in each meal

Sunset at Sembano Beach

Seafood lunch :)

My best friends

View from my homestay at Kaledupa island

Sunrise before I left Kaledupa
Matohara. Wangi" Airport

Snorkeling time at Tomia

Miss Korean came to Lamanggau Village

Me n white sands at Hoga island