Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7th & 8th month in 25th

Hollaaa back after 2 months leaving you pals because of hectic schedules so sorry... Anyway, happy monkey year! Hopefully, I could have a monkey baby but the possibility is too low, so keep trying :) fighting with all the barriers and with all the kepo questions when they asking till the details, yeah it's annoying, hell yeah, how come it can't, having a baby is not like producing product that I can control what, when, where, how, why, the baby case is out of our control and we keep trying but those kepo people keep telling this or that, as if they know everything. The fact is we as couple know the barriers so we keep trying. 

Last month couple days before Chinese New Year, my mom in law was sick and got into the hospital. It's like de javu, last year when I was about to go back to Medan for CNY, dad in law stayed in the hospital. Actually she was sick about several days before CNY and got better three days before CNY so I booked my ticket to meet my parents in Jakarta because she was well three days before CNY but it was unpredictable that she got sick again the day after ticket booked. This CNY we celebrated in the hospital. On the third day of CNY, me and hubby flied to meet my parents in Jakarta. I knew there's always someone become provocateur in this awry situation. There's rumor, his mom and her mom in law was sick in the hospital and they traveled to Jakarta. This statement I could guess, the fact people always see things in their positions and opinions. And hell yeah, I didn't travel, it's family trip, family was my destination not traveling. But they don't think in my position, become someone who got married so far from my parents and since last year I haven't met them, even they came to Jakarta for CNY so I didn't have to go back to Medan for first CNY as couple. They wouldn't even think and understand well my condition because they were not in my position so judgement was something too easy to be done. My parents in law admitted our departure because they knew my condition, thanks to them. 4 days and 3 nights full time for my family from dad's family to mom's family, no friends meetup at all. Thanks to my besties could appreciate my quality time with family, so sorry no meetup this time but sure we could make it next chance. My mom in law got well after a week in hospital, so when we got back to Makassar, she was recovering at home.

Something big happened and so sorry I couldn't tell you here pals because it's not really secure here. The main point is everything will get better because of that something happened. At least in my position, after all happened, I think being in this situation is better. I feel more freedom. As a reminder stay grateful for everything happened.

Then, the last weeks of 8th month we're preparing the new project. Hopefully it can be released in couple months. Wish us big luck for this. Still grateful I have enough time for the new project because I got any baby yet hahaha.. There's always something beautiful behind the sorrows so never forget grateful. Cheers!