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Always be grateful
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sakura, I’m falling in love with you since we first met.

I was so excited for my spring trip to Japan with my friend, Fanseptiani. My departured flight was 11.30 pm via Garuda Indonesia. The flight was good after some hectic things happened during the flight, Fansep, you know what I mean :p After 7 hours flight, we arrived at Osaka around 8.30 a.m. local time. Felt so happy at that time. The cold wind welcome us and our tour guide Mr. Acong, Chinese Malaysian, greeted us warm good morning. The bus fetched us, then we started our first visit place. The Osaka Airport was at other island, that’s Japan dude, built airport on made-island. First place we visited was Osaka Castle Park, this place was stunning in the spring, beautiful sakura everywhere, just got an hour more to walk around here, took some photos. But unlucky thing happened, me and Fansep, got lost in this large park. We took around the park once again to find way back because no Japanese know English even we just asked for “parking bus”. We were late for half an hour and whole bus nagging. That was really unlucky thing for the first day with people you would spend time for a week ahead. Those aunties keep nagging and talking about our lost. Hello, auntie? We even didn’t mean to get lost, that’s because when we asked Japanese for the way, they told us wrong, we didn’t mean to be late. I just wanna scream that statement when they keep nagging, Thanks God, my mom isn’t talkative like those aunties haha. We really didn’t take care of those bla bla things. :p We had lunch at Chinese Restaurant which had so so taste, then we were dropped to hotel (Aka Namba Washington Hotel Plaza) for rest and free time. Across our hotel was Doutonburi Street and continued to Shinsaibashi which was hectic shopping street in Osaka. We ate till drop there, lots of street food at Doutonburi Street and we shopped lot of Japanese snack at the supermarket because it costed cheaper then tourist center :p First we tried octopus okonimiyaki 550 yen but the taste was damn good. Second, we ate the famous snow crab costed quite high couple bite of crabs for 700 yen. The next one, we tried the well known crispy shrimp burger at Lotteria for 290 yen, so cheap :p. Then we took around the street for sightseeing. Becuse of cold wind, we decided to have dinner at Yoshinoya. I ordered set of Salmon and beef teriyaki for 545 and Fansep ordered beef suki chili bowl for around the same price, cheaper than in Indo haha. Then, as said, there’s always room for dessert, we had dessert, chocolate ice cream parfrait for 640 yen at local coffee shop near Doutonburi Street. Then, we went to supermarket hunting for Japanese snack. When we were on our way back to hotel, we saw a local Osaka resto, can you guess, we continued to eat the unagi satays, duck satays, and several kinds of satays which was baked with olive oil. Osaka made us a little bit fat I think for the first day :p

I was here! Osakaaaa
Kenrouken Garden
Kiyomizu Temple


@ Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park

After the good morning greeting from Osaka, we continued to another town, Kyoto, via Shinkansen the most speedy train. Distance between Osaka and Kyoto is around 75 km and it took only 15 minutes. First visit was Kiyomizu Temple, the big and well known temple in Kyoto. We prayed and bought the amulets at that red temple. Along was to Kiyomizu area, we found small shops selling souvernirs and snacks both side of our way. But we prefered to take photos with the temple and sakura, sightseeing made our time up for shopping. But lucky me, I bough matcha ice cream cone to try and that’s yummy. I always love ice cream. We had lunch at local buffet restaurant, then went to Lake Biwa which was the largest lake and had a love sign :D Then we spent the night at Kanazawa, Kanazawa New Grand Hotel Annex. The hotel was good and they served delicious western food for dinner. After dinner, Fansep and me walked around the city,the shopping centers was closed at 8.00 pm, so we just had sightseeing of the city. The small city that had lots of branded shops like fendi, lv, salvatore, and others. Wow, Japan :D Before we went back to hotel, we bought hot green tea at Starbucks, the green tea was much better than Indo :D
The Shinkansen
Selfie with Sakura @ Kiyomizu Temple
Kiyommizu Temple
Konichiwa from Kanazawa! The first for today was Omicho Market, one of the famous fish market in Japan. I bought several ingredients here like seaweed, miso soup, and etc. :D The second we visited one of the largest garden in Japan called Kenrouken Garden, lots of sakura here and the atmosphere was awesome :D I tried sakura ice cream here, never forget ice cream on my trip, and we tried egg filled with octopus at street stand near the garden. After that, we continued our trip to Shirakawago,ancient Japanese house, one of the world heritage, UNESCO, this place was awesome and so damn beautiful. The view made me so speechless and lucky us, we had lunch at one of local resto here. We got beef miso traditional Japanese set for our lunch and the taste was damn delicious. After lunch, we moved to Takayama, small city, saw the castle town Takayama. We prayed at a  Buddhist temple here, thank you for the chance :D The last stop was Ramen house, we saw the process of making ramen and tried their homemade ramen. Of course I bought several packs :D We spent the night at Hei An Hotel, Yamanashi, which has traditional Japanese home, no springbed, just tatami for sleep and we tried onsen, the hot water bathe for tonight, felt so good.
Kenrouken Garden
Shirakawago Village
Morning from Yamanashi, today we gonna visit Mt. Fuji, the giant mountain in Japan. There’s saying, if you’re lucky enough to see Mt. Fuji clearly, you’ll have another chance back to Japan. #fingercrossed. The Mt. Fuji was seen so clearly from Lake Kawaguchi but I only had the chance till first step because of the landslide. When the Fuji erupted, it produced five lakes with the biggest one Lake Ashi, we took sight seeing cruise to see the view around Fuji and the lake. I had udon set for the lunch near Gotenba, hurray. We continued to Hakone Peace Park, peace for the world, the park was so beautiful of sakura and so peaceful of Buddha statues. I felt I was so lucky having the chance prayed here though we should take express praying ya Fan :p The last place was Gotemba Factory Outlet, the luxurious shopping center, shop till drop here :p We spent the dinner at 48th level in a resto at Tokyo. Cheers for Tokyo! As usual, after we being dropped at hotel, we continued to walk around the city, shopped several souvernirs at local supermarket and ended at local standing sushi bar, Uogashi Nihon Ichi, near Shinjuku Area. The sushi was so cheap accompanied with sake and we really ate while standing because it was so small, that’s what they called standing sushi bar. Fyi, 10 pieces of sashimi costed 1200 yen and for two pieces of sushi around 160 yen. At Tokyo, the people understand English more or maybe because wer’re near office area too :p But, no need to worry, if the waiter at resto knows you’re not local, they will give you menu which has pictures of the food. How can’t I fall in love with this country, so polite, so care, and so awesome. We stayed at Sunshine Prince Hotel tonight.

Standing Sushi Bar @ Tokyo
Ohayo from Tokyo! Before we left Tokyo, we visited Asakusa Temple, the most famous temple in Tokyo for praying of course then last stop shopping at Nakamisme Avenue. Before lunch time, we already arrived at Disney Sea, the place where your dream comes true. We skipped lunch, only ate a shrimp bun packed with Donald Duck plastic, so cute, costed 480 yen. We tried several games here, Storm of Rider, Town of Terror, Temple of the Crystal Skull-Indiana Jones Adventure, and of course saw the fantastic parade like Easter in New York and the most fantastic parade the Legend of Mythica showed at the large lake, the center of Disneysea, so cool. Last dinner in Japan we had at Hanamasa and we tried Kobe Beef which was highly cost, 200 gr Kobe beef for 10.000 yen. Wow! But it tasted so good :D anyway couldn’t try it at other country, so it’s worth. We spent last night near Narita Airport, Marroad International Narita Hotel.

I only used wifi in hotels to connect and share my photos during traveling. And for some shopping centers and cafe, I payed with my creditcard (visa), but for some street shops like souvernir shops around temple, they couldn’t receive payment via creditcard. Let me tell you, you should visit Japan, it’s an awesome country and I hope I can get another chance to visit other cities of Japan. The culture, people, view, technology, cleanliness, politeness, uniqueness, Japanese snack, Japanese food, cute things, oh how i miss you Japan J and the last for the awesome Sakuraaaaa.

Thank you for my traveling partner, Fanseptiani Wijaya, thanks for our time together, our lost, our culinary experiences, our shopping time, our adventour time, and everything. Let’s pray we’ll get another chance to be back to this beautiful country.

Sayonara Japan! See you in another chance!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

9th Month in 23rd

Holla dear! How do you do? Hope everything going well... There's not so much special things this month.

1st week i went to Borneo again for my audit task and 2nd week I did my report. The 3rd week I had another task to do and preparing my business plan. I went to Bandung and felt the terrible traffic jam during the weekend and was so tired. I 'm feeling not delicious. The last week of this month i'm going to spend for my Japan trip, hope I'm getting well very soon for the spring trip. Can't waittttt. Finally fear, another dream comes true. Then, i gonna have some counting down ahead that make me so much excited. Two trips ahead in next month. 

Sure, i gonna share to you the cheery blossom trip and hope the sakura stil blooming because the full blossom was on last weekend. #fingercrossed. So, I guess you gotta wish me have a nice and wonderful trip. I'm excited to go and back because another counting is coming.

Hello April! Surprise me.