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Always be grateful
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You come from everywhere...
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Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It takes two

I often listen to my friends’ love stories, both boys and girls. Sometimes I just feel that’s not fair. For the example, “I learn how to cook because he wants me to cook.” “I learn how to make up because he wants me looks beautiful.” “I take a gym class because he wants me looks slim.” Realize that the weak point of men is eyes, no wonder physical things can make them down. Then, some of my girls said, “My boy isn’t romantic, what to do.” “My boy’s hobby is playing the game, what to do.” Realize that every girl dreaming of romantic guys treating them right would also make them demand their boys doing those things. But, I just don’t know why, the demand of boys are higher than the girls. Which girls don’t want the gentle, six pack, romantic, kind, loyal boyfriend? Every girl does. So do the boys want the slim, beautiful, kind, loyal girlfriend. No defense, but there are more sacrifice from girls than boys. They are going to hand their life to the boys, leaving their family, moving to her new family, starting again another part of their life, begin to learn again. It’s not easy things. Would some boys realize those things and accept the way she is than demand something isn’t her?
They told me “why don’t you let her go, you have better options and prettier choices.” I told them, they’re evaluating from their point of view, not mine. How I see you, what I believe about you, what I think about us is all that matters to me.
For me, actually I can’t imagine someday I wanna enter that phase, find the right guy, move into his life, then everything changes. If I am going to move far away from the town I’m staying now, am going to leave my parents, job, besties, friends, and the most expensive thing is my freedom. Starting my new life from zero with him and dedicated my rest life to the new family.  Hmm… Something I’m afraid to imagine. But, if that right guy’s worth everything I have sacrificed, I think it’s not a big deal. Actually I never think these kind of things before. But nowadays, since that some of my friends getting married, I’m trying to look up mine. How about me? That unusual question starts annoying me. What do I want? How I will go for it? Do that right guy can completely accept the way I am? Mom ever said to me, “The most important thing about spouse is he/she can accept the way her/his partner is”. Then I asked her, “How can I find he’s the one who can accept me completely?” She answered me, “You are going to find him one day, both of you can accept each other completely, he’s your mate, just prepare yourself and pray for him to come in the right time and at the right place.” So, starting from that day, I keep praying for him who I don’t even know, till I met someone at the fine day and I was sure he’s the one, then at some points, we couldn’t accept each other. So, that’s a little bit afraid for completely keep faith in someone. There’s always changes in everything and everyone.
I’m not trying to be the next guy or the best man. The next guy can get next-ed, a best man is always the sidekick of the right guy. I’m trying to be the right guy to the right girl.

Let’s stop falling in love and start being in love.

The biggest mistake people is, thinking they have TIME. TIME doesn’t stop just because you do. TIME goes on. The TIME you give up on will be given to someone who wants it. She might love you, but in TIME, she will forget you. Because TIME heals all wounds, even love. Because TIME waits for no man, neither does a good woman.

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

 The commitment beats all the odds. When you’re committed to loving someone for the rest of our lives, no matter how apart your worlds are, you will go that distance.

 Men always want to be a woman’s first love, women like to be a man’s last romance.

 That feeling when you hear the voice of other saying happy new year form distance, you know you are on the way back into love.

That feeling when you have the butterflies attacked from other, you know yourself have moved away and on your way back into love.

It’s not mellow time, dear, not I’m falling in love too. The love topic has no end to be discussed right? I just wanna write what my mind thinking about that thing.

You know I ever had a dream that a man would take a lot of pictures of me even though I’m not in beautiful style, but he mumbles the word “beautiful” to me. This is random thinking, but I think it would be really nice. He just let me do things I’m doing and take my pictures random, it’s so cute.

The first month of this year… what should I write…  Actually I have no idea, just randomly let my fingers dancing on keyboard writing some random things to you, dear.

I got happy moments saying goodbye to last year and so do welcoming the new year. Thank you to the ones for making me happy and feel worth, and for those who stay in the last year, goodbye to you, thanks for all the memories we’ve made.

Anyway, talking about relationship, I think it’s important thing for us to feel lucky having our spouse. Why? When you feel lucky to have someone in your life, you will always try to appreciate and understand him. In your eyes, he’s more than anything you want so you will treat him precious and realize that nobody’s perfect. His negative sides will not matter much because you can always have some positive sides to win from. You’ll always have reason to stay and fight because you feel it’s worth. I am lucky to have him/her in my life is the critical thing in a relationship, I think.

Someone told me, a couple should try to make his/her spouse happy, and if both of them do so, they will be a happy couple. It’s so simple, yet not easy to do it. It’s another point I agree. I’m writing here not because I’m an expert of relationship, I have felt the fail one too. It’s just some random thinking that maybe some of you will judge I’m just good in theory but zero in practical, no offense, it’s up to you, your judgement is out of my control. One thing you should know, if I’m thinking it’s good, then I would like to apply it when I have that chance. Back to that point of making your spouse happy because seeing his/her happy will make you happy too even happier, this is the second critical thing in a relationship. Both of us try together, so we can happy together, right? You know what makes him happy and he knows what makes you happy, so both of you would not make things that cause sadness.

The next critical thing, keep learning about your spouse. Since people change from time to time, you can’t stop learning about him/her. We should keep learning his likes, dislikes, habits, and other things about him. It’s like schooling degree, after high school, there is college degree, then master degree, and so on. It’s like learning life, we keep learning about our journey with him that we’re walking together. So, we can accept him fully and closer to him.  As thing changes, so do people.

I think that’s three points I wanna share to you, three I’m thinking about relationship and hope I can apply those points soon. See you ahead.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6th Month in 23rd

Happy New Year 2014 dear :* wish you have a better year ahead!

Wohoo first writing in new year, how I’m feeling now, it’s raining heavily outside while I’m writing this to you…

This month I had my task in town for the first two weeks, and the third week I went back to my hometown for holiday. Finally this time I went back for 10 days. The first third days in town, I had quality time with my friends, lot of new cafes in town, but the taste is so so, still love the street food :) Then I had my year end holiday, last trip in 2013, with my beloved mom flied to Batam then continued to Bintan Island. We had really good time there, enjoyed relaxing time for body, mind, and soul. The beautiful and calm resort with private beach made this lazy days here perfecto. We had H20 Splash & Foam Party for New Year Eve Beach Party, fun experience to dance in foam J The last three days, I visited flower garden, nice to know such a beautiful garden in town, and enjoyed the unique design of Hinduism temple in town. This day, act like a Singaporean, 23rd years being Medanese never visited these places before. The last two days in town, I had quality time with my beib, ladies day out, let’s get fat together, and had long chit chat time. So far, I don’t have any plan going back to Medan, even for Chinese New Year. So, see you Medan till I see you again.