Always be grateful

Always be grateful
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Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cheers to LDR!

Hey, dear, this time gonna share things about long distance relationship. There’s a famous quote:
“Distance means nothing, when someone means everything.”
These recent years, I have a lot of long distance relationships with my beloved people. Actually, when I was in primary school, I had some pen friends from other cities. Oh, I came from North Sumatera, but got some friends from Kalimantan and Java, I made friends through national magazine for primary schools. So, I’m just of someone who can express my feeling through writing like now what I’m doing to you. But it’s just for fun or hobby, I thought at that time, till I felt the real long distance when I moved from Medan to Bandung for my bachelor degree. I just felt alone far from my hometown with all those new people, new environment, everything just changed in my life, it’s just like I had a new life and my life really started at that point I left my hometown with all my beloved people, friends, memories and moments. But, there’s one thing for sure will be always on my mind and heart, the place I call “home” is always there, that’s the only thing never change. Lovely bed in my lovely room can never be compared with any kind of comfortable beds in this world, homecooking from my mom can never be compared with any kind of food in famous restaurants made by famous chefs, messy things, sharing moments, having time together, those things can be compared with nothing, and I realize, it’s always be my family and home. For me, home is where my family come from. After 3,5 years I stayed at Bandung with all those ups and downs, then I moved again to Jakarta. The same feeling happened, everything changed again and it’s just I started everything alone from zero, welcomed myself to a very real life, where I ought to work and earn for my life. It’s like de javu, new people, new environment, and new condition, that I wanted or not, I must walked through them.

And from one place to another place, I get to know people and left them, so keeping long distance friendships with them,lots of hello and goodbye, people come and go, I’ve ever felt them all. It’s somehow hurt but also precious moments to be remembered. Those kind of memories, good or bad, those all color my life. Nowadays, there’re lot of medias and social medias to keep in touch with our beloved people, so I think that’s not that hard in maintaining long distance relationships.

One critical point of long distance relationship is the moments. In long distance, I really appreciate the moments, spending time with your beloved people is really precious and I can’t get that every spending time I want, so I highly appreciate that never enough time. Being with people and having limited time with them is really precious.

The other point of long distance is missing. I gonna miss them everyday and counting down till I meet them. It’s really make me excited when day by day down, night by night passed, and morning by morning came.That feeling support me day by day, because one night down, one morning come, it means a little closer till the day I meet them again. That miss will always be in my mind and heart.

The next point is little fight. It will be little flight between me and them. It’s because the meeting time is limited, so we gonna spend it lovely not with unimportant fights, and we gonna accept that long time no meet, there’s some changes for sure, that we miss in absence meetings, so we prepare well for the changes and can accept more the way they are.

The surprise is something make your feeling blossom. It means someone far away there still remember your special day, your special occasion,or maybe just random gift to cheer up your bad days. It feels like maybe they’re not physically beside you but I’m always in their mind and heart.

Through all those long distance relationships with my beloved people that I can maintain till now, there’re lot of them I’ve ever failed because of the distance. But for me, that’s not really matters. Because, when someone is important to you, distance doesn’t matter. What matters are trust, faith, communication, understanding and commitment between us.

So, thank you to all of you my long distance parents and beloved people. Thank you for keeping in touch with me. The long distance relationships are never easy and not all people can do it, but I’m sure when we all can go through it, we can highly appreciate our people, moments, memories, because they are precious, priceless, and limited.

Cheers to all long distance relationships! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ladies need to be assured of her position in your life

Guys, just showing ACTION is not enough. Don’t think that you can always getaway with “action speaks louder than words” because sometimes words are what they need to hear. I think that the ladies need to be assured of her position in your life. And you need to tell her that you love her. I believe that every time you tell her just how much you love her, it’s like a printing a tattoo on her heart. It will stay in her life forever. 

8th Month in 23rd

Hoollaaa dear! 
This month I'm writing faster than usual because I gonna be busy till 2 weeks ahead. Actually this month, not so much things I had to say to you... For the first week of this month, I had an audit task again, 4 days left Jakarta and so much busy with the task, for sure less sleep. Anyway, Happy Valentine Day dear :* xoxo. This year I spent another year of this love day alone again without any spouse I mean but never mind, I had dinner with teammates and auditee, a delicious seafood dinner for last night there and maybe cheer my Valentine night too LoL.
The weather was terrible, there was smoke everywhere because of forest fire so the flights delayed for my departure and worse because the eruption, so my flight back to Jakarta delayed for 5 hours. During that time, we enjoyed lunch at the riverside, not so much things to see in the small city.
Back on Saturday, the airport traffic was not so hectic, and I met my bestie who waited me for hours. I did apologize and had nothing to do. We went to Central Park mall to have dinner, took photo with Teddy Bear Valentine decoration then went back to my place. When I arrived, I saw that box sent by someone as Valentine gift, I was so surprised and had no idea because that gift sent from my hometown. So much thankie to my bestie who helped for this liltte surprise. Tired but yet happy to get the late Valentine gift which I ever wanted.
The second and third week was usual busy weeks at office with the reports and after office hours I went to the fitness center. Anyway, my weight is constant when I got reassessment last Thursday, not even less 0,1 kg but muscle more and less fat, not so bad right? Haha... The third week, my body was not delicious so I should take a rest for gathering power, I gonna have out town task for 10 days and hope my plan for Japan trip going well because till now still not sure because of the quota. #fingercrossed. Okay, dear see you ahead.
How do you think me with the glasses?