Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When that gap still exists in worklife

Finally this topic comes up, pals! Never imagine I can't stand to tell you out loud about this one. I try to keep it, anyway this one of several things I keep from you.

Hell yeah, that gap thing happened in high school and even in university, but still exist in work life, in office pals. Can you imagine how terrible it is for me. I do try not to care a lot of that G but it's damn bother me. 

When I entered the office, I was the fifth woman, there's already been four there which means two couple, and that gap already been there for the very first time. I get used to the G and try to join the guys because I know they felt sorry too because of my condition. My first year was not so comfy but I tried to make everything seems okay because others saw it was. At that time one of powerful reason I wanted to quick that job was because I never felt I was accepted around the women but I thought again and encouraged myself that I could pass them all, just be cool.

On my half way to second year, one of them resigned. So of course one of them didn't have any spouse, I use spouse let's called her C and the other couple let's called them A and B. I tried to join the C since she was alone at that time but still B tried to make C far from me. What the hell. I don't get what she means. I think I never do anything wrong to B. I just ever hate her because of the job matter not personal matter like friendship.

I think sometimes we decide to quit the job not because the amount of money, sometimes it's because the people. Due to job matter I always has a clash with her but I don't think it will cause any friendship matter. The second clash happened a month ago. But till now, I think she always ignore me and try not to talk with me even when I'm talking to her. What a great she is. So, from that time till now, I'll do the same. I think I don't have that kind of patience. 

That gap thing always iritated me from high school till now and I'm sick of these things. So hell yeah. I just do what I wanna do and don't care about what the hell of friendship in office. Hope no longer can leave the office with those gap things. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

1st Month in 24th

Hey pals! How do you do?

Hoping you are doing well... So, how's my 1st month in another new year. it's wonderful :)

The first week I went to Surabaya for my audit task and so much happy had my work done well. The second week as usual I prepared the report and holaaa welcome long holiday...

I had my leave for about 12 days which 4 days I spent at my hometown and the rest went to his hometown. So much fun spent a dozen days with him. This time was the longest time we spent together. When we were apart, it felt like something different. :( No him in the morning till the night and back to the communication via texts and calls. No touch, no direct chit chat, room alone again. In his hometown, I used to have lot of people around me, the moment I came back to my room and all alone, it felt like something empty. But, that's my life now :) I visited Bili Bili for this time. I think it's gonna be one of my fave places in Makassar. The blue sky and lake made my mood calm down, so peaceful.

Back to office after long holiday made me a lil bit lazy, but life isn't only about holiday. So, let's be back to reality. :)