Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saving for Traveling

I don't know when it starts, but this virus called 'traveling' spread to my mind and soul for these recent years. When i was a kid, my mom said i wasn't a cute quite one, i liked to run and play when she brought me to a park and on the weekend when she brought me to a playground, i couldn't stop smiling. She knew that i was always happy when i was going somewhere though that place was just a place i often visited. From the start, she knew her girl, who has a horse chinese zodiac, is the one who enjoy traveling. I did my first experience traveling with my family, went to neighborhood countries, Malaysia, then continued to Thailand. The second one, i visited Singapore, that small country was done in a week. The third, i visited Thailand again and Pattaya, the beautiful beach there. The fourth, i had a trip around Java except West Java and visited the low profile society in Jogjakarta with its holy temples, the great sunrise at Bromo, the culinary at hot city, Semarang, till the major tourism in Indonesia, Bali, the island of Gods and Lombok, the silent island with inner beauty. The fifth, i visited my grandparents' country, China, as my primary school graduation's gift from my grandma, went around Hangzhou, Xian, Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hongkong. The sixth, my trip with my temple friends to Hongkong, Taiwan, and Genting Highland. The seventh, i got chance to visit Korea, an unique cultural country. Then, i started like exploring beaches, Pangandaran at West Java and Tidung Island. The eighth, i came back to Singapore, which still a tidy, clean, and strict country. The ninth, back to Bali and Lombok with my college friends. The tenth, went to Sawarna, Tanjung Layar, the region with lot of beaches along. The eleventh, visited the awesome island, Belitong. The twelveth, came back again to Singapore for weekend getaway. The thirteenth, celebrated the Vesak Festival at Borobudur temple, Jogjakarta. The fourteenth, family trip for my brother's graduation to Guangzhou, Hongkong, and Macau. This is the last one, and i keep counting for the next one.

I remembered them all, because my passion is traveling. The fourteen journeys i remembered which are the special trips i did, i think it's not so much number for a 23 years old girl. And i'm happy doing traveling, more over feel grateful, got chances to visit many places. And i'm proud telling you starting from the eighth one, i did it by my own saving money. Maybe some of you would think, it's impossible, at that time, i even couldn't earn money. Yeah, i made my saving from the monthly fund by my parents and starting from the tenth till now i made them all by my own earning. Some of you maybe still don't believe, it's your choice not to believe. And i don't really care about what you thinking. I'm just telling you the truth is. Some of my friends even my colleague ever said to me that i'm a rich girl and come from the rich family who doesn't need to work hard and never feel shorted money. Fuih, i wish i'm that kind of girl. Hey, dude, who don't want to be the rich one, you can just point things you want, go to the place you want to visit, no need to work hard. I wish i can be that kind of girl but the fact i tell you, i'm not. And i'm totally far from that kind.

My parents, especially my dad is tight in managing his money, and i was treated like an employee, every month, i got my salary as my monthly fund, he didn't care whether it's enough till the end of the month, or at that month i have special needs. Exactly like an employee. So, i didn't think if i asked for giving some because of bla bla bla would be approved. Better not to ask. And from that money, i ought to save for my needs, gadget, traveling trips, and so on. I bet you would think my salary was great amount, to be honest, it wasn't. It just more less if compared with others. That's why at that time, i need to be smart in handling my money for lots of needs especially for my hobby that i can't even stop it. I become addicted to traveling. At least once a year, i need to do it. For the traveling kit like camera and other things, i need to save money to get it. Dude, to be honest, how i wish all your thinking about me is true, but poor me, it's not. 

For a year i'm working and earning money, i'll lose all for ten days trip. It's logic things right? And the amount can be counted logical so i'm not lying. I think you all can do it, it's just the matter you want to spend it or not, it's worth or not. For me, traveling is always worth more than gadgets, fashions, etc. For you maybe different. Each one has own hobby, thinking aspect, and spending styles. Mine is traveling. And i work and save for traveling. So, how i wish some of you can stop underestimate me that it's impossible for me to make it by my own money. Maybe it's impossible for you, but why you generalize it to me, is it fair? Everyone has her/his own needs, mine is traveling. When i can travel, i can get new spirit and new hope. Even lost lots of money, it's worth for me. One thing, i'm not a backpacker, especially for the far country. Maybe i visit it once in my lifetime because my money need to be allocated to others, so i'll just join a group tour that bring me to main places need to be visited in that country in short days and enjoy the luxurious of the country. Effective and efficient. I'll just become a bankrupt girl just in my own country :p That's my style. So, keep saving, keep traveling!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome 23rd!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Another new year for me, dear. Getting older, more wrinkles on my face... So, I'm walking in 23rd now. Hope i can be better and wiser. As years ago, I didn't really expect a luxurious celebration. For me, a simple celebration is more than enough, even the greetings themselves make me impressed. I enjoyed my whole day so much. I didn't care what others thought or called me, self-lover, or even freak, it' just one day of 365 days for me to make myself special born to this world. I just wanna appreciate the whole day with smile and cheers. If it's not me, who else appreciate me? The only one can make you happy in this world is yourself. I was going to have a whole day training in the holding company. I began the day by praying for an older year, then dressed myself in a formal suit. Then after training finished, my bestie treated me at Sushi Tei as birthday gift and had a simple celebration there because she was confused what to give me. 

This year, i got sushi cake, was so happy. Then went home and got cute celebration from the distance, it's from him.  He prepared gift for me in a box and i would know when i get it later so it's still secret. Felt really touched. I also got birthday gift from my bestie in Medan, a new cute teddy and I named her Louisa which means famous warrior. I got chance to donate for children cancer institution. I think it was perfect birthday, all in one package. Though, i really wished he would be with me to celebrate together, but what he did was more than enough. 
Two days later, my colleagues made a little celebration for my birthday with an oreo cheese chocolate cake. Finally, i got birthday cake hahaha... for this month's story, it's about my audit task and my trip to china, hk, and macau because I stayed in Jakarta for only one week this month. Am going to write in other part okay.

That's all I wanna share bout my birthday. See you dear, and welcome me to 23rd!