Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Monday, November 10, 2014

4th month in 24th

So, my forth month was not so well. I was still sick. Haizzz… better a bit, then sick again. But, I’m feeling better now. Hope I can get well soon :)
The first week of this month, I visited Bandung again for my company’s family gathering and the second week for my friend’s wedding. Bandung for two weekends in a row, finally I could visit the same place with different feeling. 

We visited Tangkuban Parahu, then had lunch at Sapu Lidi and had photoshoot there, continued to Dusun Bambu, the new place at Bandung, then ending the night by having dinner at Kampung Daun. We stayed at G.H.Universal Hotel, a hotel which has several chapels on its rooftop. Oh, I was so excited, finally I could have a chance staying there, the room was beautiful and so classic. Classic is always the best. On Sunday, I went to the temple that I visited when I was in university to have a Kathina Celebration.  So many new faces and the environment was so strange for me. Time does change everything.

The second week, when I arrived at Bandung, I went to my favorite salon with my junior friend to have a haircut and a lil bit hairdressing. I always love their haircut no matter who the hairdresser is. This time I wanted to explore the old town Braga because the reception was near there and I chose to stay near there. I had lunch at Sumber Hidangan, a very old café served beef, chicken, pork steak, fried rice, and ice cream. So few menus to choose and you can feel the old and classic ambience there. Simple classic and oldish.
After that, we had a coffee time at Kopitiam Oey whose the famous food observer, their most well-known coffee is milk coffee, the black coffee drops slightly when the compressor then you can pour it to your cup and stir with the milk.

I stayed at Gino Feruci Braga, not so good service, so annoying. It should be check in time on 2.00 pm. When I arrived at the hotel on 12.00 pm, I’ve already confirmed (my payment via online, booking via online on their web was almost half price) and handed my deposit. When I got back on 3.00 pm, I still couldn’t get into my room because it wasn’t ready yet. After I entered my room on 3.30 pm, the air conditioner didn’t work, my room was hot. I called the staff on 5.00 pm, none came to check it, the second call 6.00 pm, still none. Then I made the third call on 6.30 pm, the technician came to check when I was getting to go for the wedding reception so I left my room to him. 

The wedding reception was quite nice. Finally my senior friend getting married after their long relationship :D I’m happy for you, bro! Cheers! After the reception, we had dessert time at Sugarush, the only red building at the street. The next morning, I needed to have a quite long queue for breakfast. This hotel was so crowded, poor service, out of their capacity. Before I went back to Jakarta, I had lunch at Momiji, the Japanese resto accros the hotel, I ever visited this resto long time ago when I was in university and it was the best Japanese resto ever, and surprisingly it’s still :)

The third weekend I enjoyed me time by cooking. It was so “me”. The forth weekend I got my junior friend visit on Saturday, we had a chit chat time after long time no see. On Sunday, I went out with the girls to have a lunch meetup at Union which is well-known for their best red velvet ever, and it’s damn true. 

The last week I got sick again for half week after seeing the doctor, maybe the medicine didn’t suit me. After I stopped it, I felt much better. On Saturday, I went out with the girls, We visited art gallery, the art exhibition was awesome, so many artistic statues, fun and creative. We had a 3 places in a row for culinary. I named it “The Legend Culinary in Town”. Actually we planned to visit Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf, the legend resto served the traditional soto betawi since 1940 something, but we went to wrong place, Warung Daun. We thought it’s across Taman Ismail Marzuki, apparently it’s inside the park. Warung Daun for the lunch, located across  the park, a well-known Sundanese resto, so many important people in this country visited this resto, and it’s famous for its healthy food, cooked without MSG. The resto was nice and the waiters were so friendly to serve you and it’s a lil bit pricey but worth. Second hunting place, the noodle stall “Mie Ayam Gondangdia” since 1968 is well known for their chicken noodle. During our visit, it was so crowded and some of the waiters weren’t friendly because they were hectic I thought. Actually we got two places skipped because we were quite full, it was Trio, the oldish Chinese food resto and Warung Tinggi Coffee, the oldest coffee shop in town. We visited Ragusa, the Italy ice cream shop, the oldest ice cream shop in town since 1932. The auntie was so fierce, we asked the details of the ice cream, the answer wasn’t friendly. Every person in that ice cream shop weren’t friendly and fierce. When they served the ice cream, even a lil bit drived us out whereas there were still empty table beside ours. Maybe they served the best ice cream in town, we admitted they did, but the worst service I’ve ever got. Well, overall it was nice weekend spent.