Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Monday, July 10, 2017


Hello Pals! So so long time no see ya. I don't know where to start from....
Lots lots lots of things happened in 26th. People come and go, hectic, chaos, all blended like mixed ice in my bowl make me have no time or too exhausted to write everything to you like I used to. I wish you can understand me as well. 

It's only one day in whole year you may call it "your day", the day you born in this world. Come to the stage #27th wishing myself mores ahead, more healthy, more happy, more mature, more success, more tough, many mores and be better person. As usual, my birthday celebration with the unlucky kids out there. More about me, I'll like to share on my instagram. My daily activities, my cook, some things, the other things I think it's safe to keep them for myself. 

So, what progress now? Hmm... I'm planning for my "second baby" yeah, new small business upcoming this year around 2 months from now. I'm preparing the menu and place now. Working alone is not that easy. My brain got stucked sometimes hehe... Hmmm the real baby still not yet. Hubby continue to look for another doctor and maybe last one. If this one doesn't work, we plan to have his/her through IVF next year after this second kedai going well. Me, myself, after long time no check it up, these recent months the result not so good, wish next time everything gonna be okay.

Aha! if you look at my blog, i changed the background. Me and my hubby just went for another long trip as 2nd anniversary celebration and as 2nd honeymoon. But you see, that's not the time hehe... Stressedful? I wish no, but if that's the only question people asked you everytime they texted you or talked with you, so how will you feel? Hahaha... Why people in Indonesia so kepo? Yah. that's natural things I think. We believe in karma, it's not our time yet, what we can do is do our best till the time has come.

The rest about my other things, the city, environment, society, friends, still the same. So, I think I'm the one should work harder to care less.

Ok pals, I'm not sure I could write to you regularly, so see you next chance.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thank You 2016 and Welcome 2017

Counting down to another new year. Overall, how 2016 for me? It's roller coaster year, a lot of ups and downs, yet a lot of happiness and sadness, yet a lot of losing and winning, the last a lot to be grateful. Yeah, do I like this year? So far so good. Everything going well. Hopefully, next year will be better. How about my wishlists? Just a few ha. More years ahead, less wishes. Is it good? 

Having "new baby" this year, it's already 8 months old, still can't walk itself, human resouces here are really really sucks, but it's really challenging me to add another baby next year I think as the real baby not coming yet, still try and try again and again. I'm writing to you here at Kedai Bakso, my very first project, very first baby, that I'm excited till exhausted haha, no matter what still love it with all my heart and soul. The more it grows, the more people I can help. This baby is for traveling and charity. So I'm gonna keep fighting for it and hope for next one in next year.

I'm wishing another long flight next year, hope everything going well. Then.. hmmm.. what more? Yeah, got real babies, hubby jiayou! Hoping next year less stressed living in this town. I think those all I'm wishing for next upcoming year.

Anyway, thank you so much 2016,.doing goods and bads, through ups and downs, 2016 impressed me well, new challenge that make my life more colorful, make me more busy, make my passion about food growing up and up. Hope I can be better and better next year.

So, thank you 2016 and welcome 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Long time no see pals...

Long time no see pals...

If you're asking whether I'm doing good or not. Yeah, things should be enjoyed whether it's being good or not. Especially for six months old "new baby", no it's not real baby, it's my very first business called "Kedai Bakso" opened in mid May 2016. Lots of ups and downs for sure especially for the human resources, but believe me food business is challenging, beefballs even more. So, through everything happened, I proudly open this till the minutes I'm writing this in not so unknown road, so i think it's not bad. Even, with this small business I could make my parents come to visit me. How other things go besides this? This early month I've just visited hometown. Yeah, finally after 1 year 7 months I went back for my bestie's wedding party, yesss finally you got married dear, welcome to marriage life and enjoy the rides. A week spend at hometown then we traveled to Penang and KL for a week more. Refreshed mind for a while. We did some check up for my hubby's fertility and the result was just the same we got in Makassar, the only way is IVF. So, let's pray for the best, good or bad who knows? Maybe it's not just the time we have babies, we don't have plan doing IVF, we just wanna have them in normal ways, all doctors said so little chance, but my hubby said, he believe someday we will, he keep eating some herbal medicines to increase his fertility. Pray for the best! We enjoyed Penang so much, we both love vintages, old things, those memories, they all simply beautiful, we fell in love more and more with those ancient things from centuries. It's memorable trip anyway and thanks to my beloved mom be our photographer so we got lots of great couple photos, you can check on my ig The food there were really cheap and delicious, the fashion, shoes, bags were cheap, your budget seems a lot when you spent in Penang or KL. KL was a lil bit higher budget more less Jakarta. 

31 days to another year! How time flies so damn fast. Lots of plans for next year. Babies of course always on my plan till done hahaha... business plans, trip plans, yeah life is all about planning and saving budget. So, these months I stop writing because of hectic ups and downs with this kedai, friends, family, everything. 2015 is like riding roller coaster, but overall, thank you for all experiences. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1 April 2015 Snowy Swiss

Good morning Zurich! What a beautiful weather meski dingin bingits semoga tahan hari ini ke Mt. Titlis nyaaa brrr.

Heading to Mt. Titlis

Ready for the cold

The angel made from chocolate

lunch by this window

Jam favorit
Another Chinese cuisine, yang kali nih not bad

Ala2 dulu sbelum ngerasain aslinya
Orang2an swiss mahal banget foto pake bajunya jd sama orang2an nya aja wkwk
Andy Lau on the snow

Berguling di salju

Kiss from 3020 m, 10.000 feet

Glacier Cave

Bye Mt. Titlis
Setelah dari Mt. Titlis yang view snowy nya cakep, kami lanjut ke Lion Monument dan kota lain di Swiss yang ga kalah cantik juga kota di tepi danau Lucerne. Lucerne nih cakep banget view nya meski cuaca mendung dan hujan, kami masih semangat explore kota ini dan berakhir dengan shopping. Kota Swiss paling mahal dan shopping hellooooo kayak orang kaya aja yaa bukan shopping jam tangan lagi ckck... let's see apa yang gw shopping : COKLAT buat oleh2 oh em ji.

Apple pie lupa harganya berapa jual di pinggir danau

mana tahan kalo liat coklatttt

Oppa Swiss borju

Coklat yang enak dan mahal hahaha

Karena hunting coklat sana sini akhirnya skip dinner, bus kembali ke Movenpick dan perut belum diisi huhu... dinner di airport aja karena ada free shuttle bus ke airport. Bersama seorang teman tour, kami bertiga melakukan sidak di Zurich airport wkwk karena dah jam 9an toko2 pada tutup smua cuma foodcourt nya rameeee padahal harganya fantastis mahal to the max di atas 15 Euro semuaaaa.
Chicken pattaya 18.4 Euro

Narsis di Zurich airport

Good Night Zurich