Always be grateful

Always be grateful
Just enjoy the path...

Dear YOU

Hello pals!

You come from everywhere...
Here are some stories of mine...
Puzzles that i keep searching through my life

Hope my writing will inspire you...
Make you figure out, when you're sad, there's someone worse than yours.
Make you realize that happiness is something you should share to others.

So, enjoy the pieces of mine ^^

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sampoerna Best Student Visit 2011 13-15 Desember 2011

Locations : Novotel Surabaya, House of Sampoerna, Pusat Pelatihan Kewirausahaan Sampoerna, Internal Cultural Center Pandaan, PT. HM Sampoerna, Tbk.

Here I was.. Met and make friends with best students from 23 universities all around Indonesia...

UNPAR team!

So much fun and happy.. Cherish the chance and the moments with them...

Day 1: Fun Learning and House of Sampoerna visit

Fun Learning Activities

House of Sampoerna

Surabaya! City of heroes

Day 2: Amazaing Race at Pusat Pelatihan Kewirausahaan Sampoerna and farewell party at International Cultural Center Pandaan
Amazing Race team- KANCIL
ICC Pandaan

Day 3: Meeting managament at PT. HM Sampoerna, Tbk.

Actually I think I'm not the best from my university, there are lots of friends better than me, but I'm just the lucky one who got the opportunity to join that program.

3 days.. hmm.. that's really short time to know each other, moreover my short term memory can't even remember 69 names. But I did enjoy those moments with them. Learned how to tolerate others, how to work with others from different cultures, how to make joke from different styles. 

Photograph capture the moments and make the memories remain eternal...

Hope one day in future we can meet together again, Friends! Good luck and keep in touch :D

PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk,


  1. I am happy that you've enjoy the SBSV 2011

    So ... ever onward

    Salam saya
    (you've known me, right ?) :) :) :)

  2. sure... the fun learning activities was really fun :D

  3. download yaaah*

  4. Hayyy guys.. really miss those moments:(